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to do that. because he will be hit again with big spending and more deficits if he proposes anything. >> and playing the republicans' game. chris: ok. let's look at what could be the key to everything. ohio. and you've written about it. every winning republican has carried ohio. and joe, your magazine, "time" magazine has a big spread on it this week. why hoeup will decide the election -- ohio will decide the election and your ohio poll has obama up five points. the gender gap is big in ohio. obama up in 19 points among women. and another fascinating thing obama gets 43% of the wheat vote, higher than in most states. is it all about the auto bailout, smart move politically? >> it is all about the auto bailout. the chevy cruise which is assembled in ohio has ohio parts. down to the seat covers. and everybody knows that the alternative to the auto bailout would have been 13%, 14% unemployment in that state. chris: is there a national positive for him on the auto front or is it just in a couple of states, wisconsin, obviously michigan, those kind of mi western industrial statse? >> coal
of what obama claims he's going to do. he's lowered taxes and closed budge elt deficits. i find the trust comment hard. president obama promised we would have 4.2% economic growth right now. we have 2%. he promised an unemployment rate lower than we have. on the issue of trust, what is going on with regard to libya. we have an extraordinary thing where the president comes out on friday and says i directed that everything possible should be done to aid our embassy under attack. that attack went on for seven hours. secretary of defense saying he denied requests for help over that seven hours. >> we'll get to that later. >> but it's a trust issue. >> on the economy, how does it tip the scales, david brooks? >> i think it's been the worst campaign i have ever covered. they are both ending where they started. obama doing a negative campaign. he's got an ad out about romney and the flip-flop and what we have heard. it's almost pure negativity. romney is trying to appeal to moderates and women, which is a bipartisan ad saying i don't care if it's a republican or democrat idea, i'm for that. you
.66 inches above normal for the month. now we are only trailing in the animal deficit by 1.5 inches. -- trailing the annual deficit. ocean city, 7.5 inches, all because of this massive area of low pressure swirling over the eastern half of the country. blizzard warnings continued in garrett county and the mountains of west virginia. below freezing in allegany and garrett county and the cool air is trying to get into the eastern part of the state. rain is possible and it could mix with a wet snow flake or two. the south breeze is bringing in the cooler air. the forecast for the tides around the bay, here are the times again. st. michael's at 6:00, havre de grace almost 11:00 tonight. the tides could be 5 feet above normal when it rolls in. there is a weather system coming in from the west. the futurecast shows this no winding down in the mountains as we go through thursday and finally clearing out with some sunshine for the end of the wakeek. right now the weekend looks decent and a little milder. >> as a result of hurricane sandy, hundreds of thousands of customers were left without
inches. for the year, we're over 28.6 inches, still 6 inches below normal. the rainfall deficit is gone to start to go away a bit. the futurecast is showing the heavy rain to the north. temperatures are chilly. it is unusual to talk about temperatures in the 40's with a hurricane, but that is the nature of this system. the northwest wind 30 to 40 miles an hour gradually shifting to the southwest. we could see gusts over 60 miles an hour over maryland as the storm gets closer. tomorrow, temperatures will hold steady. we will not see temperatures rise in tomorrow even though a tropical system is moving in. heavy rain in the morning paper into showers in the afternoon. it will be windy early on. that should diminish as it turns south. the wind still gusting over 40 miles an hour tomorrow. the 7-day forecast, we will finally crawled out from underneath sandy midday wednesday. showers could be heavy tomorrow. strong and damaging wind tomorrow morning. tapering off a bit in the afternoon. showers early in the morning on wednesday. mostly cloudy in the afternoon. sandy should be gone in time f
, close the budget deficit. make, create a regulatory environment that encourages investment and certainty. that those are improving the situation. governor romney is also, however, correct that there's a long way to go. and that there are lots of people in ohio and elsewhere around this country who are unemployed or underemployed and we have huge progress. and 2% gdp growth is nothing to crow about. in fact it's less growth than in 2011 and less than 2010. >> all the economic news is about republican policies and all the bad economic news is because of democratic policies? it's funny, it's just disingenuous. >> how much of this is a problem in terms of how people feel, rachel. we see more economic optimism in the country and yet people are still feeling like the obama record is lackluster and you look at the recovery still not feeling like it's robust enough. >> and you see it just in the raw consumer confidence numbers. you see consumer confidence trending up and the unemployment rate trending down and you see the deficit dropping year to year. you see things going in the right direction
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the deficit. i don't think you should look at this issue in a way to make money off it. it's really not a needle mover. it can be negative for a lot of the defense companies as we know. they've been under a cloud because of these cuts. here's one from danny in new york. hi, jim. i have heard you say when considering the playing the down side of an equity you would short the stock rather than allow a put. please elaborate on your reasoning for this. >> if i have created any misperceptions that i favor shorting stocks it is completely out of character with all my books and what i used to do with my hedge fund, when i was working for people at goldman sacks or trading for myself. i always do puts. i rarely do shorts. i was a victim of some horrible short squeeze that is lost me a ton of money. use puts. i don't care if there's a premium. let's go to some tweets. here's one from b. kelly 019 @jimcramer. cover calls allow me to print money out of large positions without having to sell. why do you hate them so much? here's the answer. i got to it will you something b kelly 019, i hate tra
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7